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Our world is divided into sovereignty, secularism and divinity. There are seven continents in the world, namely: Africa, Australia, Asia, South America, North America, Europe and Antarctic. Each continent has different tradition, culture, attire and Art of music.

Where it comes to music to there are so many types, namely: folks, western, classical, pop, rock and jazz. Whatever music we hear and whichever language and culture’s music, it has barrier to learn and also no language hurdle. Music is the only thing as no barrier for learning. Music helps the person who suffering from depression, it heals the mind.

All the qualities of the above words in at “FAMILY MUSIC STUDIO” music classes are there. At family music studio teaches a good symphony of music that makes attract our students. We have adept and qualified music teachers, teaches: keyboard to piano, guitar and violin, classical to contemporary. Everyone enjoys the music from children to aged person. It has no age barred to learn are listening the quality and power of music.

We are located in Endeavour Hills, in Australia. For admission, contact us.  Ph. 03 9700 764 or mail us

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